Meet the team


Peter Simmons - Executive Producer

Peter Simmons, founder and executive producer at Simmons Galleria Studios in Cheshire County, New Hampshire,  launched a career in film and TV and has produced over one hundred and fifty productions including pieces for Discovery Channel and fortune 500 companies.   His work has won numerous awards at  film festivals in San Francisco, New York and Germany. He won second place along side George Lucas of Star Wars fame.   


Len Rosen - Producer, Director

Len Rosen, award-winning filmmaker  partners with Simmons Galleria Studios on motion picture and television projects.
Rosen's  award-winning motion picture titled, "Fallen Leaves, Golden Sky", was filmed on location in China and won the AWARD FOR BEST SCREENPLAY at the  Monaco Charity Film Festival.     Rosen's  film, "Gravity 180"  is a music documentary that showcases the history and contribution of this extraordinary band. 

Len has directed numerous TV commericals, documentaries and music videos and has been honored by international awards. 


Ethan Koplowitz - Associate Producer


Ethan started his career as a chess champion and then brought that skill as a creative thinker to his work in communications. His love of film and television, combined with his natural interest in social justice, climate change and green technology led him to partner with Simmons Galleria Studios on the film and social media platform, Go Gree Connection.  

Ethan works with local charities, hospitals and nursing homes to help create healthy environments for citizens.


Kim Miele - Global Media Coordinator

Kim is the host of the Simmons Galleria Studios TV production, Stamp Gallery.  She is a lifelong connector. Bringing together people and ideas is her passion, whether through her myriad of roles as the Executive Director of the Gulf Coast CEO Forum, the planning of large-scale events for Harvard Medical School or as a consultant for Startfast Venture Accelerator. Kim served on the committee for the U.S. Olympic Modern Pentathlon competitions.


Mark Eisner - Chief Technology Officer

 Mark is a technical innovator and entrepreneur in the software industry. He has conceptualized important innovations from his earliest days as technology head of the NBER's Computer Research Center where he was the first to create a multi-user file-system; to his work at Dynamics Associates, introducing econometric techniques to the commercial world; to his work at Softbridge that resulted in the first UI-driven testing tools. Since the mid-1990's, Mr. Eisner has been involved in the innovative use of messaging, first as a founder of Greatway Technologies, then as a co-founder of FireStar Software, and finally as a co-founder of SemantX. During that time, he authored the OMG message standard, MDMI. Mr. Eisner holds a B.S. degree in Economics and Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  


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